Documented from the beginning - by Mike Stand

From day 1, I kept a log/diary of almost every step in the process of finishing the “No Substitute” record. The first page in the diary, for some odd reason, is dated Oct. 11? But the actual journey begins on page 2: Sept 26, 2017 and continues off and on until the day we finished mixing on May 14, 2017. Although the dates entered into the diary are Sept 26, and 27 they were actually entered a few days later after we completed the 1st digital transfer. When we did that first transfer something told me I had to keep track of this journey. I have the worst handwriting in the world, so I will save you all the pain of trying to decipher my hieroglyphics, and simply type out everything exactly as written in the diary.

Sept 26
Day after my surgery. What to do? How about we check out my Tascam 4 track that I almost sold. It has been sitting in the box untouched for a long time. Carefully remove it from the carton and it is a no-go. Machine does not work – so I go on YouTube to search for answers. I discover a broken plastic piece and a wire clip/spring – I begin repair using super glue and pliers to re-bend spring

Sept 27
4 or 5 hours later I put machine back together. Still a no go – the cassette take up side does not move. I begin careful poking and prodding. I discover that I need to bend spring/wire more – and 8 hours later we have contact. I carefully play a “test” cassette and it is success. 4 track of no substitute goes in and we have discovered a time capsule –


No Substitute

Log/diary book - started from day 1 of the journey in 2017


Day 1, Sept. 26, 2017


Day 2,

Sept 27, 2017